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Public Notices

If you see something to bring to the attention of law enforcement, please call and contact them.
Next City Council Meeting July 18, 2016 6pm
 The 2016-2017 Approved Budget is available at City Hall.
UPDATE:::::  We have started the process to put recordings of city meetings on the website.   
Currently they are being placed under "City Documents".  More will be added.  Looking to have City Council meetings, Budget Committee meetings and Committee for Citizen Involvement meetings all available for public access from the website.
 May 2 city council recording is up and on the website
 May 10 city budget committee recording is up and on the website
We are still waiting for recordings from the CCI to post meetings for Committee for Citizen Involvement
Did you know that Gold Hill had bus service options? 
Josephine Community Transit provides services with stops at the edge of our Gold Hill Community.
More information may be obtained from their website or by calling 541 474-5452.

                                                    agendas posted under public notices
 City Hall Hours
City Hall is open Monday - Friday: 8-4:30pm (except holidays)
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